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Field-Strength Meter

Not sure which of these I want to build first.

Collinson Field Strength Meter

Pros: Very, very simple.

Cons: It doesn't tune or amplify. As configured above, it's set for VHF.

VR2ZXP Field Strength Meter


Pros: Simple, I have the parts already, and advertised as really wide-band (100kHz to 200MHz).

Cons: I doubt it does what the others do---it doesn't tune or amplify.

Talking Electronics's MkI - Pair-of-NPN version.

This one seems somewhere between the above and below designs.

Pros: Amplification, good docs, PCB.

Cons: More complex than the above, but without the tuning of the below, PCB (I'd almost rather just play with my own layout of a Manhattan building technique).

ARRL Antenna Book, Chapter 27

(Full Size)

Pros: Circuit design is similar to my SWL-40+, looks like it will be versatile with its tuning and sensitivity changeability.

Cons: Least simple

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