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Acronym: AOLserver Dynamic Pages

ADP is the primary method of providing dynamic content on AOLserver.

ADPs contain a mixture of TCL and HTML, with the TCL code being parsed and evaluated by AOLserver as it delivers the page. ADPs may invoke other ADPs (using ns_adp_include) and thereby build up libraries for common elements and subsections of a page like title headers, menu and navigation bars, and footers, as well functional modules like acess validation or database queries.

The TCL code in an ADP is contained within <% %> pseduo-tag pairs. A modified format, <%= %>, displays the results of the TCL code. A very simple ADP would be:

        <title>My Clock</title>
   The time is now <%= [ns_httptime [ns_time]] %>.

For a little bit more detail, and to take your first step on a long and winding road, see Writing Your First ADP.