Dqd utils

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By Rob Mayoff.

  • dqd_internalredirect - a wrapper around the C API function Ns_ConnRedirect. This lets you send back the contents of a different URL (from the same server) without letting the client know.
  • dqd_md5 - computes MD5 hashes (cryptographic checksums).
  • dqd_nssetToList - extracts an ns_set's values into a Tcl list.
  • unlist - assigns the elements of a Tcl list to individual Tcl variables, efficiently. Yes, I left off the dqd_ prefix on this one.
  • dqd_detachfile and dqd_attachfile - share a Tcl channel across requests/threads/interpreters.
  • dqd_register_proxy - register a proc to handle proxy requests from browsers