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nsfb 1.2

Created by Richard Kotal.

This is internal AOLserver database driver for Firebird|Interbase database (http://www.firebirdsql.org).

  • support read and write BLOB data
  • support read and write ARRAY data
  • support full size of varchar (32765 bytes) or char (32767 bytes)
  • support many configuration options such as charset, dialect, transaction isolation level, ...
  • support all kind of the data types
  • support for FB specific functions such as create and drop db, information about db connection
  • support for FB events handle
  • support for importing data from a file into the BLOB value
  • support for writing a BLOB data into the file
  • support hexadecimal and base64 representation of the input (set to the db) and output data (read from the db)

Download page, nsfb-1.2.tgz

Simple sample (update array data):

   set db [ns_db gethandle fb15]
   ns_db dml $db "set transaction"
   ns_db sp_start $db "update job set language_req = ? where job_code = 'CEO'"
   ns_db sp_setparam $db "1" "" "in" "[list Eng "" Ger "" Itl]"
   ns_db sp_exec $db 
   ns_db dml $db "commit"
   ns_db releasehandle $db

Simple sample (synchronous waiting for events):

   set db [ns_db gethandle fb15]
   set events [list "DEC" "SUN" "HP"]
   ns_fb event alloc $db $events
   ns_fb event wait $db ; # process waiting for the occurence of the event
   set out [ns_fb event catch $db $events]
   ns_adp_puts "catched events: $out"
   ns_db releasehandle $db