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AOLserver Oracle Driver

Module Owner: Jeremy Collins <mailto:jeremy.collins@beetlebug.org>

This driver implements the AOLserver ns_db interface for Oracle. In addition it also provides an extended version of the ns_db inteface through the ns_ora command.

The latest version of the driver can be downloaded from AOLserver's [http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=3152&package_id=65334 SourceForge file download area].

  • Latest stable version: nsoracle-2.7.tar.gz
  • Latest development version: 2.8 (fetch it from AOLserver CVS)

What's new in nsoracle 2.8

  • Better PL/SQL integration (ability to "import" PL/SQL packages and call them as if they were Tcl procs)
  • Support DML RETURNING INTO (directly from ns_ora dml)
  • Support for describing database objects (currently supports plsql, and synonyms)
  • ns_ora getcols command. Return columns in a select as Oracle would see it.
  • REF CURSOR support
  • Migration to Tcl_Objs