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Author: Vlad Seryakov

This is AOLserver module that implements Zlib interface. Allows compressing/uncompressing Tcl strings as well as gzip file support.

Integrated into the AOLserver core as of version 4.5 - see ns_zlib

Download: http://www.crystalballinc.com/vlad/software/ for older versions of AOLserver


   # Compress Tcl string
   set test "This is test string for compression"
   set data [ns_zlib compress $test]
   set test [ns_zlib uncompress $data]
   ns_log Debug Uncompress: $test
   # Compress the string into gzip format
   set gzip [ns_zlib gzip $test]
   # Save as gzip file
   set fd [open /tmp/test.gz w]
   fconfigure $fd -translation binary -encoding binary
   puts -nonewline $fd $gzip
   close $fd
   # Uncompress gzipped file
   set test [ns_zlib gunzip /tmp/test.gz]
   ns_log Debug Ungzipped: $test