I read an interesting quote the other day. It wormed its way into my gut further than any wince-worthy cliché could, but I’m not going to share it with you, yet.  I’ll tell you about June, first — which sailed by faster than May and April combined.

Kelly has kept consistent with running the bulk of social media. Along with sharing outside content that’s relevant to our audience, her original infographics have taken on a life of their own. She’s created a layout that makes the images and copy all the more appealing, and we’ve brainstormed topics that will become immortalized on SFYD’s blog after a jaunt around Facebook.

I still write copy for social media on occasion. I ran a two-week stretch of Puppy Confidence posts at the start of the month and collaborated with Kelly on infographics, including tips to keep your dog happy and cool in the summer.

I dropped a combination of cute gems and product copy on Instagram. With our ad spend bolstering other areas, I was pleased with the response the 2-part ad copy series received!

Lastly, an article went up mid-June about how anxiety wraps can help your dog.

But the bulk of what I’ve been personally focusing on through much of June is reaching out to our followers. We wanted to know where they get their information from, but more importantly… what content they WANT to sink their teeth into. It didn’t take long to see some common threads across the board, so I picked one and drew up a 4-part Facebook post series. Like our infographics, the end goal was to have it archived in our blog as a full article.

Then, the idea came of taking written content to video because people engage with videos more often. The five questions I sent out to our audience became four for the video… but it didn’t play out like I was expecting.

Hey. You win some, you lose some. The 4-part Facebook series I mentioned was also recorded, but moving forward I’ll be sticking to what I do best: writing.

Along with a sharper eye on SEO tactics for both product pages and blog content, Dossy and I discussed vetting new clients who need copywriting services. I spent time building various packages to choose from.

Man… have you ever tried to put a price on your own abilities? It’s not as easy as you think! But the thought of branching out to write landing pages and ad copy for new niches and audiences saw me through.

I worked on a couple sample landing pages for two SFYD products: one is a great harness for summer-loving dogs, and the other is a leash I would stake my dog’s LIFE on. I mean, okay. It’s just a leash… but it’s a damn good one. I’m going to stop myself there, though. You’re not here about leashes!

I followed a format of writing copy that I’ve studied extensively but never had a chance to apply from scratch, and I was pleased with how quickly the words flowed. It’ll be exciting to see what they accomplish after some polishing and settling on a layout template!

Building a client questionnaire goes hand in hand with price packages and samples. I’m not here for passing out a Google Form that’s longer than the packet of the mortgage papers I filled out seven years ago… but the tighter the details are for a project, the smoother it is — for everyone involved. And even after it gets put to use, I expect the questionnaire will morph over time.

Speaking of tightening things up: we braced for another holiday lull at the end of June. Hey — bracing does not mean a lack of faith! Sure enough, we were thrilled to see we dodged the lull. As I write this, we’re entering July with a ton of fat trimmed from our CPA!

“Consistency: it’s the jewel worth wearing; it’s the anchor worth weighing; it’s the thread worth weaving; it’s a battle worth winning.”

— Charles Swindoll

In the past I was told that consistency is restrictive. As a person who makes it a point to understand the other side of the fence, I asked for clarification: hitting max throttle on consistency doesn’t leave room to explore and experiment.

Really? I whole-heartedly disagree.

Exploration and learning are fuel for consistency, and Panoptic is proof of that.