At Panoptic, we believe that the formula for success looks something like this:

People + Mission + Opportunity = Success

It’s intentional that we list people first in the formula, because that’s where it all starts.  But, we need your help to find these people: we need you to tell us about yourself!  Please help us understand why you’re the right person to fit into our equation.

Here’s a list of the kind of people we’re currently trying to find:


You understand that if you asked people to remember a list of chairs, beds, porridge and bears, they’d forget it immediately, but tell them the story of Goldilocks and they’ll remember it forever.  That’s why you’ve honed your craft to become a master storyteller.

Tell us the story of your copywriting.  Take us on the adventure of what challenge you overcame to get to this point in your story.  Awe us.  Leave us feeling like the only suitable end to this story is one where you join us, to tell more stories together.

What we need your help with

  • Listening carefully to our customers and distill the key ingredients that need to be communicated.
  • Turning our customer’s message into compelling stories that speaks to their audience.
  • Using words to the best of our ability.

Marketing Specialist

You’re fully at home creating and running multi-channel campaigns.  You want to split test everything, and crunching the data gives you a sense of comfort and joy.  You live to fill the top of the funnel, but know it’s only worth paying for when customers make it to the bottom.  You obsess over your CPO/ROAS, CVR, AOV, LTV, and other metrics.

What we need your help with

  • Providing these services to our customers.
  • Using these same skills to generate leads for our own sales people.

Sales Representative/Account Manager

Let’s pretend that you are the product.  We are your lead.  Sell yourself to us.  Tell us your story that communicates your value to us.  Help us understand how you will solve a problem or meet a need that we have.  Explain how your value exceeds your price.  Take us through your sales process.  Most of all, close the sale!

What we need your help with

  • Talking to companies interested in us, and figure out if they have a problem we can solve at a price they can afford that’s profitable for us.

Graphic/Visual/UX Designer

You probably went to a school for design.  You know your design and color theory, you have a love for typography, and can use your tools to turn ideas into art.  But, most importantly, you understand that none of that matters if your design doesn’t engage your audience and get them to do what you want.  A “call to action” is more than just a button, it’s a holistic approach to design.

You’ve discovered and love it, but still use the Adobe Creative Suite from time to time.  You like collaborating with clients and developers with InVision and Zeplin.

What we need your help with

  • Producing the designs that help our customers achieve their business goals.

Front-End Web Developer

You’re fluent in HTML, CSS and JS.  You know how to build sites in WordPress and you know why you should use a child theme, and it makes you sad when you find sites that don’t.  You can tell what we use to build this site and can discuss the pros and cons of our choices.

You know how to use the WebKit Inspector.  You understand what the waterfall view tells you in the Network tab.  Page load performance matters to you, and you know how to fix sites that perform poorly.  You know how this impacts conversion rate for e-commerce sites, so you make it a priority.

What we need your help with

  • Building websites.
  • Troubleshooting website problems.
  • Fixing or improving websites.

Email us at and let us know what kind of person you are and how you fit into our success formula!

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