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ns_adp_debug - Start TclPro debugging for an adp page (or script)


ns_adp_debug ?procsPattern? ?host? ?port?


This command enables basic debugging when used with the TclPro debugger. It will connect to a remote debugger if not already connected. The procsPattern argument specifies a glob pattern to match Tcl procedures to be instrumented by the debugger and the host and port arguments are passed to the TclPro debugger_init procedure to connect to the remote debugger.


This command is essentially a wrapper to ns_adp_debuginit (or whatever procedure name is specified in the debuginit config parameter) that marks the current interpreter for deletion and links the adp output buffer to a tcl variable named ns_adp_output that can be watched in TclPro.
If ns/server/servername/adp enabledebug config parameter is true, then any adp requests that include a &debug=filePattern in the query string will effectively execute this command automatically for any requested or included adp file matching the pattern and any manual calls to ns_adp_debug will be ignored. For such adp requests, dprocs, dhost and dport query string parameters will be used for the arguments above.


ns_adp_debuginit, ns_markfordelete