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Man page: http://aolserver.com/docs/tcl/ns_buildsqldate.html


ns_buildsqldate - Build a SQL date value from specified month, day, and year


ns_buildsqldate month day year


This command builds a SQL date string out of the specified month, day, and year. The month can be the month number (1 - 12) or the full, capitalized month name (January, February, ..., December). The day must be a number from 1 - 31, and the year must be a 4-digit year (e.g., 1957). An error is returned if any of the argument values are invalid. The resulting string can be used in an SQL statement.


   % ns_buildsqldate "01" "15" "1929"
   % ns_buildsqldate "13" "31" "2000"
   Invalid date: 13 31 2000
       while executing ...
   % set thedate ns_buildsqldate "January" "15" "1929"
   % ns_db dml $db "INSERT INTO mytable (datefield) VALUES (ns_dbquotevalue $thedate)"


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