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Man page: http://aolserver.com/docs/tcl/ns_fmttime.html


ns_fmttime - Convert seconds to a human-readable format using templates


ns_fmttime time ?fmt?


This command produces a string representation of time in seconds since 00:00:00 UTC Jan 1, 1970.
ns_fmttime uses the strftime() system call, so valid fmt strings will vary from platform to platform. Consult your operating system's documentation for strftime() to see what valid fmt strings can contain. fmt defaults to "%c" which is supposed to be the preferred date and time representation for the current locale, which on some platforms should be "%a %b %e %H:%M:%S %Z %Y".


   % ns_fmttime 0
   Wed Dec 31 19:00:00 1969
   % ns_fmttime 0 "%a %b %e %H:%M:%S %Z %Y"
   Wed Dec 31 19:00:00 EST 1969
   % ns_fmttime ns_time "%Y%m%d"


ns_gmtime, ns_httptime, ns_localtime, ns_parsehttptime, ns_parsetime, ns_time