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Man page: http://aolserver.com/docs/tcl/ns_library.html


ns_library - Get the paths to the private and shared Tcl libraries


ns_library library ?module?


This command returns the path to the private and shared Tcl libraries, optionally specifying a module as well.

library must either be "private" or "shared". The private library is the same as what's returned from ns_info tcllib as defined in the config .tcl at server start-up. The shared library is relative to the path specified by ns_info home, in the "modules/tcl" subdirectory.

The optional module is simply concatenated to the path returned from ns_library.


   % ns_library shared
   % file join [ns_info home] modules tcl
   % ns_library private exampleModule
   % file join [ns_info tcllib] exampleModule


ns_info home, ns_info tcllib