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Man page: http://aolserver.com/docs/tcl/ns_schedule_proc.html


ns_schedule_proc - Schedule a script to run after a certain number of seconds


ns_schedule_proc ?-once? ?-thread? interval script


This command schedules a script to be run after a certain number of seconds. Returns the ID of the newly scheduled script. If -once is specified, then the script is run once and then unscheduled, otherwise it will continue to run every interval seconds. If -thread is specified, then the script will be run in its own thread, otherwise it will run in the scheduler's thread. If the script is long-running, this may interfere with the running of other scheduled scripts, so long-running scripts should be run in their own threads.


   % set id [[ns_schedule_proc -once 60 { ns_log notice "this should run in 60 seconds" }]]
   % ns_unschedule_proc $id


ns_after, ns_info scheduled, ns_pause, ns_resume, ns_schedule_daily, ns_schedule_weekly, ns_unschedule_proc