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Man page: http://aolserver.com/docs/tcl/ns_stats.html


ns_stats - Return command stats information (AOLserver 3.x only, defunct in 4.0+)


ns_stats ?option? ?pattern?


This command returns proc call stats for procs which match the glob pattern. Results are sorted based on option which can be one of the following:

  • -count: results are sorted by count in descending order (default)
  • -name: results are sorted by proc name in ascending order

In order to instruct AOLserver to keep these stats, you must define two settings in your nsd.tcl, in section ns/server/${server_name}/tcl:

 ns_section ns/server/${server_name}/tcl
 ns_param statlevel x
 ns_param statmaxbuf y

Stats will be collected if statlevel is greater than 0. It gets passed to Tcl_CreateTrace() like so:

 Tcl_CreateTrace(interp, nsconf.tcl.statlevel, StatsTrace, NULL);

If statsmaxbuf is less than or equal to zero, there will be no stats buffer and the global table will be updated directly, according to the comment:

   236     /*
   237      * If buffering is not enabled, update the global table directly
   238      * (this could be a source of lock contention).  Otherwise, update
   239      * this thread's table, flushing if the buffer limit is exceeded.
   240      */

Otherwise, statmaxbuf specifies the number of entries in the stats buffer hash table.

This is all documented from AOLserver 3.4.2, nsd/tclstats.c.


Here is a sample ns_stats.adp to use to display the output of ns_stats:

 ns_adp_puts [format "%-60s %s" command {times invoked}]
 ns_adp_puts "[string repeat = 60] [string repeat = 13]"
 foreach {key value} [ns_stats] {
     ns_adp_puts [format "%-60s %lu" $key $value]