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The following is (a probably incomplete) list of sites that run on AOLserver. Some you will recognize, some you probably won't.

Note: Please add entries in the following format:

  • Site name | Version | URL | description (optional)

In order to appear on this list, the server MUST respond with a "Server:" header in the HTTP response which indicates that it is running AOLserver, and what version.

The following is a list of sites running some version of AOLserver at AOL:

Site name Version URL Description (optional)
AOL.COM AOLserver/3.4.2
Netscape AOLserver/3.5.5
Digital City AOLserver/4.0
AOL Mail AOLserver/3.5.9
Moviefone ArtBlast/3.5.4

These are non-AOL sites that also use some version of AOLserver:

Site name Version URL Description (optional)
AOLserver 4.1.x
the CodeMill AOLserver/4.1.0 host of the #aolserver IRC logs[1]
AOLserver 4.0.x
Panoptic Computer Network AOLserver/4.0.10a
NS_SHUTDOWN AOLserver/4.0.10a AOLserver/4.0.10
CiteULike AOLserver/4.0.10
OpenACS AOLserver/4.0.9
Creative Commons AOLserver/4.0.8
Volunteer Solutions AOLserver/4.0.8 AOLserver/4.0.5
Rate Your Music AOLserver/4.0.10
Salsa Blanca AOLserver/4.0.5 AOLserver/4.0.10
Seven Sisters Trading AOLserver/4.0.3 AOLserver/4.0
Don Baccus Photography AOLserver/4.0
M³ Beratungsgesellschaft AOLserver/4.0 AOLserver/4.0
Treffpunkt AOLserver/4.0.10
Uptime Aolserver/4.0.10
Myturl Aolserver/4.0.10 tinyurl clone
AOLserver 3.5.x
OneWeek AOLserver/3.5.10
Vitamist Spray Vitamins AOLserver/3.5.6
Anchor Baptist Church AOLserver/3.5.0
Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Club NaviServer/2.0 AOLserver/3.5.0
Irish Tribute AOLserver/3.5.0 IrishAbroad's tribute site for the WTC dead and missing AOLserver/3.5.0 Irish news portal
AOLserver 3.4.x AOLserver/3.4z4l
AMTDA AOLserver/3.4.2 AOLserver 3.4.2 AOLserver/3.4.2
Techspex AOLserver/3.4.2
University of Hawaii Athletics AOLserver/3.4.2
Vivtek AOLserver/3.4.2 AOLserver/3.4
DolphinGames AOLserver/3.4.2 "Server:" header renamed to DolphinGames/1.0.0; online wap and sms games; internal run also 4.0.x aol servers
AOLserver 3.3.x
Akoor AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13 a cultural french quiz site
Bitzi AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13
Caltech AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13
Greatest Networker dot.Community AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13 Backgammon AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13
thedesignexperience AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13
]project-open[ AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13
]project-consulting[ Demoserver AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13
]project-translation[ Demoserver AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13
AOLserver 3.2.x
Investsberbank AOLserver/3.2 Joint-Stock Bank "Investsberbank"
MyWorkoutProgram AOLserver/3.2+ad12
AOLserver 2.x
Asimba Trainer Pro NaviServer/2.0 AOLserver/2.3.3 NaviServer/2.0 AOLserver/2.3.3
WGCR Radio NaviServer/2.0 AOLserver/2.3.3
British Cattle Movement Service NaviServer/2.0 AOLserver/2.3.3

Also, every website on this list is should be using AOLserver as well:


Why MUST? Some people turn that off as part of their security principles. A known bug in Version 4.x would allow an attacker do simply grep through the following list. Could we please take that into consideration? How many sites would, e.g., introduce .adp pages just to get it on this _huge_ (irony) list?

If anyone takes "security through obscurity" seriously enough to obfuscate the Server: header that's returned, then they also shouldn't want to be included on this list for the same reasons, so that people don't know they run AOLserver. Everyone else is free to advertise their sites here to try and ensure they get picked up by web server surveys like Netcraft, et. al.

Ok, good point. You're perfectly right. Maybe I was just annoyed by being deleted from the list without explanation about the reason (which was added later). But why reject sites that don't expose the Server header for whatever reason? It is very easy to test that a site is running AOLserver (as easy as testing if a bug exists, of course). Why should we insist on detailed versioning?

It makes maintaining the list easier. It'd be annoying for folks to add sites to this list and claim they run AOLserver, and then three months later the site switches to Apache. Who has the time to go poking and prodding to do server detection? It's easy to automate a script that asks "do I get a Server: AOLserver/xxx in the HTTP response?" and have it automatically keep the list fresh, which is what I currently have and run periodically. If folks running Apache/IIS want to falsely report AOLserver, that's annoying because the list will be inaccurate, but at least AOLserver will get the credit for the sites. :-)

Sites that claim to run AOLserver 3.x, because the person who entered it into this Wiki assured it at that point in time. It may happen that the site runs Apache when you visit it and that may result in immediate pain, suffering or death. You have been warned!

  • removed

The links on the pages look awfully Vignette CURL-like. Is this site really running AOLserver? How can you prove it?

How does a label in the header prove it? But we had this already. I started this rubric Sites that claim to run... to go around it. But I have absolutely no problem to remove all my sites (including the ones who have the header) from this wiki page in order to satisfy this principle.