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The Postgres driver is largely maintained by the users of the OpenACS.

Hi, Jim Lynch here. I'm going to try helping and extending the nspostgres driver.

It includes bind variable emulation and other extensions which make it compatible with the nsoracle driver.

This module lives in AOLserver CVS[1] NOTE, corrected link.

and can be downloaded from the website: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=3152&package_id=41577

Current as of feb 2007

I've made a few additions to the driver, and I'd like to summarize them here. My stuff right now only lives in cvs HEAD, given it's only been tested on one or two arches so far.

- driver has been extended in two ways:
  + build system now allows use of pg_config to get location and all other 
    attributes of the specific postgres install to build nspostgres
    against. Also, you can specify which postgres to build against.
    o to build this way, use POSTGRES=PG_CONFIG
    o to specify which postgres to build against, add the path to 
      pgconfig like this: PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config
- the information in many of the error messages generated is enhanced
  by the addition of an additional piece of information which is specific
  to postgres. Specifically, most or all calls that include an sql statement
  will also add the postgres-specific status code that cane from the call
  to libpq's PQexec() call, if the call or the driver determines that an
  error condition exists.