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(Lets not split these into seperate pages until there's enough content.) We assume the reader is somewhat familiar with, or its peer pages, and now is looking for more advanced development topics.

  • AOLserver and Tcl Crash Course - A Programmer's Introduction (Outline)
  • AOLserver Internals -- a guide to common data structures, a description of the lifetimes of a thread, an interpreter, a request, and a connection. Discussions of memory allocation. The Private C API.
  • AOLserver and Tcl -- Expanded conversation about integration of AOLserver and Tcl. Issues of multi-threaded Tcl; the Tcl Library; the lifecycle of a Tcl Interp including initialization, synchronization with other threads, interthread communication, and Tcl Interp cleanup and teardown. The Tcl API.
  • AOLserver and other languages -- a discussion of how AOLserver integrates with PHP, Python, Java, etc. and how these language implementations differ from AOLserver Tcl's implementation

  • AOLserver Configuration -- a walk-through of the basic steps to properly configure AOLserver, from database pools to virtual hosting.

  • AOLserver in a multi-server environment -- so you've outgrown one server, a discussion of AOLserver in a multi-server environment, including load balancing, clustering, session management, logging, and database replication
  • AOLserver Development -- AOLserver Best Practices, including application development, emacs hacks, use of the control port, to
  • AOLserver Troubleshooting -- An enumeration of known problems and suggested fixes. A discussion of narrowing down the problem, use of debuggers and other tools (commercial as well as free). Memory, how to measure and analyze memory usage.

  • AOLserver Performance Tuning -- A discussion of measuring, profiling, and tuning AOLserver and your application

This might be a little old by now, but it's still an excellent read: AOLserver Tuning, Troubleshooting and Scaling by Kriston J. Rehberg.

See also: nstelemtry.

  • Graphing / Charting with AOLserver -- Options and examples of integrating various graphing packages with AOLserver.