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I'd like to see the following package formats supported for AOLserver binary distributions:

  • RedHat / SuSe RPM
  • Debian .deb for AOLserver 3 [1] and AOLserver 4 [2]
  • Solaris .pkg (both /usr/local and /opt)
  • FreeBSD ports collection
  • NetBSD pkgsrc collection, available for Linux, NetBSD, Solaris, etc [3] The AOLServer package is still in pkgsrc-wip, but builds and runs on NetBSD and Solaris 9 [4])
  • Win32 binaries are available from the Downloads page
  • Darwinports for MacOS X [5]

If you know the names of the popular package mangement facility for other platforms that AOLserver is supported on, please add them to this page. Thanks. -D

I have done some reading and can't find any type of windows version, a windows version would be good for testing and dev of sites. I only ask that at some point windows such as NT, 2000 and XP Pro have a version of AOLServer. You guys are working hard and please don't stop. ~sudha

Dossy 17feb2005: Sudha, if you look on the Downloads page, you'll notice two Win32 binary builds are available. They're somewhat outdated now, but I will periodically update the Win32 binary builds.