Brady Wetherington

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I don't hack on AOLserver much, but I wrote a module once. I didn't like having to make my ADP URL's end in .adp, I wanted them to have no extension. Trying to do that stepped on Fastpath, though, which handles static files. So I wrote a module which remapped which URL's were handled by fastpath, and which were handled by the ADP processor. I made it so that .html, .gif, .jpg, and the like were mapped to be handled by fastpath, and '*' - the default - got handled by the ADP Processor. This is back in the 3.x days. I don't know if it's still relevant in the 4.x days. If anyone needs it or is interested, I can be reached at camusatan/atsign/yahoo{period}com

My primary use for AOLserver is on Appslink, a set of web API's that tries to integrate together web applications.