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 Usage: nsd [-h|V] [-i|f] [-u <user>] [-g <group>] [-r <path>] [-b <address:port>|-B <file>] [-s <server>] -t <file>
 -h  help (this message)
 -V  version and release information
 -i  inittab mode
 -f  foreground mode
 -d  debugger-friendly mode (ignore SIGINT)
 -u  run as <user>
 -g  run as <group>
 -r  chroot to <path>
 -b  bind <address:port>
 -B  bind address:port list from <file>
 -s  use server named <server> in config file
 -t  read config from <file> (REQUIRED)


Run in the foreground

$ nsd -ft /etc/aolserver4/config.tcl

Specify the user and group

$ nsd -u nsd -g nsd -ft /etc/aolserver4/config.tcl

Bind to Port 80

In order to run AOLserver binding to port 80 it must be started as root with the user and group specified and the ip address and port given with the -b option. This applies to all ports under 1024 on Unix.

The -b option on the command line is mandatory even if the listen port is given in the config file.

$ nsd -u nsd -g nsd -b -ft /etc/aolserver4/config.tcl