Debugging ADPs with TclPro

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Debugging AOLserver pages

Configure AOLserver to allow debugging, and restart:

   ns_section "ns/server/server1/adp"
       ns_param enabledebug true

Download and install the TclDevKit

Start the debugger:

   % tcldebugger &

Start a new session:

   File > New-Project

Start a new remote session:

   Debugging Type > Remote Debugging

Append the following information to the page you wish to debug:


AOLserver Dubugging Query Arguments:

 debug       String. The files you wish to debug. (Example: *, *.adp,
 dhost       String. The host name the Tcl debugger is listening on. (Example:
 dport       Integer. The port the Tcl debugger is listening on. (Example: 2576)
 dprocs      String. Procedures to instrument. (Example: ns*, foo_something)