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I am currently thinking about how to use metakit and tclkit [1] with AOLserver.

One idea that I keep mulling over is this. Create a scripted document containing the following payload in the virtual file system.

  • AOLServer binaries
  • TK configuration scripts
  • A TK text editor.
  • Tkcon for aolserver.
  • A private tcl VFS.
  • A metakit module.

Running the scripted document would provide a TK based install that would configure AOLserver. That would only happen the first time because the scripted document is also a database and would be able to save configuration settings. After configuration the scripted document would be used to launch, monitor, and develop on AOLserver. This would be done by attaching to one of AOLservers interpreters and manipulating the private tcl VFS.

The system might be used to simplify the development and packaging of AOLserver based products.

The concept would be easier to implement if nsd was a shared library. Instead of installing AOLserver, starting it and then attaching to it one could simply do a package require nsd.

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