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I'm currently working on an NNTP->HTTP newsgroup gateway for AOLserver/Postgresql and have lots of other projects planned (but we all know how that goes). I'll be happy to share as soon as I have it in a usable state (need to finish file attachment support, add new message posting support and clean up the cosmetics of message threads.)

I have also implimented a page caching module and a web front-end to Jeffery Hobbs syntax highlighting tcl->html converter both of which will also be available to the AOLserver community.

I've been away from AOLserver for about a year (job change); now I'm running back into it with a vengence.

If you're interested, I have a fan site for a game called "Stellar Frontier" running on AOLserver (the site, not the game ;). The current URL is (offline).

I'll add the various modules I've created for the site to the Wiki (Matter' o fact I'll start adding my Voting Booth module right now) jk-voting.

I checked out your site, and Stellar Frontier -- looks very cool, and it's neat that it's free (from what I can tell) to play. Does it require a server for network play? Is the server also freely available? In source form? -- Dossy

No source, it's a toy-game with minimal requirements. The server is included with the client download. My fan site is mostly a programming exercise since the number of active players doesn't come anywhere near to justifying a full-blown dynamic and interactive site. Most 'fan' sites are pretty pathetic collections of occasionally updated static pages. As all the AOLserver folks know, there's a whole lot more that can be done.

Anyone else interested in poking around my site, I've added a user account for anyone interested (you'll get cookied): UN/PW: test/test Please delete anything you add that isn't related to Stellar Frontier.

If you see anything you'd like source for, I'm more than happy to provide. I would post the entire site but there are a few sections that are embarrassingly in need of revision -- Jason Kane