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ns_adp_exception ?stateVar?

This function is used to examine the current ADP exception state. The function returns 0 if the exception state is ok and 1 otherwise.

If the optional stateVar argument is passed, a variable with the provided name will be set for the caller, and will contain the exception state with one of the following possible values:

  • ok
ADP was evaluated successfully
  • overflow
Stack overflow occurred. This might happen, for example, if there was a recursive call to ns_adp_include.
  • abort
An attempt to debug failed or ns_adp_abort was called.
  • break
ns_adp_break was called
  • return
ns_adp_return was called
  • unknown
Unrecognized exception status. This should not occur.

The purpose of this function is to be able to tell apart a regular Tcl exception that you caught with catch or an exception that was raised by ns_adp_abort, ns_adp_break or ns_adp_return.