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Man page: http://aolserver.com/man/4.0/tcl/ns_crypt.html


ns_crypt - Encrypt a string for use as a password


ns_crypt key salt


This command encrypts the key using the salt and returns the encrypted string. It uses the same algorithm as the Unix crypt command.
Normally, key is a password, of which the first 8 bytes are significant, and salt is one or two bytes used to encrypt the key. The string returned should always be 13 characters long and is usable as the password field in nscp and nsperm authentication.
The algorithm used is a one-way cipher, which means that the original plain-text key cannot be derived knowing the encrypted string alone. However, since only up to the first 8 bytes of key are significant, this means only a 64-bit key, which is reasonably attacked with modern computers with ordinary brute-force attacks today.


   % ns_crypt password qy


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