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Man page: http://aolserver.com/docs/tcl/ns_mktemp.html


ns_mktemp - Make a unique temporary file name


ns_mktemp template


This command is a wrapper around the mktemp(3) function in the C standard library. It takes a template, which is a string whose last six characters must be XXXXXX, and returns a new string where those are replaced with random characters such as to make the string a unique file name. It is commonly used to safely create temporary files.
Note that some implementations of mktemp are not so safe - it creates predictable/only a small number of variations - please consult your system's man pages if this might be an issue to you. AOLserver could potentially be improved to use mkstemp instead.
WARNING: On Windows, ns_mktemp has the following behavior that may not be immediately obvious:
  • multiple calls in the same thread return exact same name until a file is actually created with that name
  • there are only 26 unique combinations per thread id for a given template


   % ns_mktemp /tmp/aol-XXXXXX


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