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Man page: http://aolserver.com/docs/tcl/ns_quotehtml.html


ns_quotehtml - Escape HTML characters so they appear as-is in HTML pages


ns_quotehtml html


Returns the contents of html with certain characters that are special in HTML replaced with an escape code. This allows text displayed in a webpage that might otherwise be interpreted as containing HTML markup instructions to be interpreted as literal characters to be displayed. Specifically:
  • < becomes &lt;
  • > becomes &gt;
  • & becomes &amp;
  • ' becomes &#39;
  • " becomes &#34;
All other characters are unmodified in the output.


   % ns_quotehtml "Hello World!"
   Hello World!
   % ns_quotehtml "The <STRONG> tag is used to indicate strongly emphasized text."
   The &lt;STRONG&gt; tag is used to indicate strongly emphasized text.
   % ns_quotehtml {<span class="foo">}
   &lt;span class=&#34;foo&#34;&gt;


The set of characters that are substituted and their replacements may be different in previous versions of AOLserver. For example, AOLserver 2.x does not escape single or double-quotes.

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