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Man page: http://aolserver.com/man/4.0/tcl/ns_proc.html


ns_unregister_proc - Unregisters a procedure for a method/URL combination


ns_unregister_proc ?-noinherit? method URL


ns_unregister_proc unregisters the procname to handle the specified method/URL combination.
This command unregisters any Tcl or C functions previously registered for this method/URL combination and with the same inheritance setting. That is, if the -noinherit flag is specified with ns_unregister_proc, the function previously registered with the -noinherit flag using ns_register_proc (or the NS_OP_NOINHERIT flag in Ns_RegisterRequest) will be unregistered. If -noinherit is omitted, the function previously registered without the -noinherit flag (or the NS_OP_NOINHERIT flag) will be unregistered.
This command will unregister not only registered procedures but also registered adp files, cgi scripts, etc.


ns_register_proc, ns_register_adp, ns_register_cgi, ns_register_fastpath