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nsfreetds is an internal database driver that uses FreeTDS, a free implemention of the TDS client/server protocol that is used by Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. The driver is written by Dossy and Panoptic Computer Network.

On 27aug2004, Ian Harding says: nsfreetds-0.4 appears to work just fine with freetds-0.61.2 on NetBSD 2.0_BETA under aolserver-4.0.7.

25 Feb 2005, Ian Harding says: Well, I thought it did. It works fine until there is a database error. =8^O I have hacked it to work with FreeTDS 0.63RC9 against MSSQL Server 2000 and Sybase ASA 8.0 with one _tiny_ problem having to do with "stale" connections leading to segfault and server crash (Sybase only?).