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nssession is a module for AOLserver whose goal is to implement server-side session management.

The nssession specification describes the functionality of the module. If you're interested in it, check it out.

2001-12-22: New! A reference implementation is available via anonymous CVS:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.panoptic.com:/home/cvs co -d nssession aolserver/nssession

It's still (at best) alpha quality, but it might be fun to play with.

Quickstart guide:

  • Slap the nssession.tcl file into your tcl library.
  • Add the following to your nsd.tcl:
ns_section "ns/server/${server_name}/sessions"
ns_param dir          /path/to/where/you/want/to/store/your/sessions

(The default location is [ns_info home]/servers/[ns_info server]/modules/nssession/sessions.)

  • Restart your nsd.

Read the nssession specification to see what's in the ns_session API, and start playing.

-- Dossy

2007-08-26: I got nssession working on AOLServer 4.5 on top of FreeBSD 6.2