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Just playing with AOLserver at the moment after starting to use it at a startup I'm no longer part of.

I'm using AOLserver 4 built from the HEAD of CVS on _WIN32 with a PostgreSQL database (also on _WIN32).

I've been using Tcl for various reasons for about 7 years now - I love it my language of choice. Here's some reasons why to use it! : http://www.tmtm.com/nothing/archives/000512.html

I've had the (mis)fortune of using it with the Vignette CMS for a few years too when I worked at Sportal.com (sadly no longer with us) and found that Tcl is an excellent language for the genaration of web pages.

Here I also used it to replace various flaky bits of Vignette code, and create other bits of useful supporting software that were to form the basis of the SiteSpeed (my own software/consulting company) products and services.