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Samuel Montgomery-Blinn

An off-and-on hobbyist user of Aolserver from 3.x days. Never been an OpenACS fan, hope that doesn't get me into trouble someday. My Aolserver runs on Debian 3.1 using the aolserver4-* binary packages, so I thank the maintainers for their time and effort.

Current primary AOLserver interest:

"Web 2.0" buzzword tinkering with AOLserver: AJAX primarily. Atom/RSS, "Web Services".

Current seconday AOLserver interests:

Best Practices on cookie management and session management with AOLServer

Best Pratcices for identity management and authorization model AOLServer

Tinkering with a standardised phpinfo() alike command: [1]

Blogging/discussion software, especially usefully multi-user.

SVG graphics generation.

Application model and management.

nsdbeans data layer (similar to Java's EJB, or Python's SQLObject).

SOAP conversation with directi's reseller server [2]


Current 'real' work:

A lot of JACL/TCL scripting in the test automation world for "nameless big software company". WebSphere includes a JACL administrative shell that is quite useful for scripting all kinds of configuration and test activity for J2EE applications.