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"I believe that the server can now do a great job at a reasonable number of tasks rather than an OK job at a huge number of tasks," Nachman said. [1]

Dossy 28aug2004: There's many interpretations of what a "mission statement" and a "vision statement" should be. I define them thusly: a mission statement is a short, concise and recitable expression of purpose; a vision statement is a description or vision of what the end result might look like once the mission has been completed. Keep these definitions in mind when reading the mission statement and vision statement below.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best platform for rapidly developing web applications and infrastructure where high performance, scalability and availability are must-have requirements.

Vision Statement

(these are an unrefined collection of thoughts at the moment)

  • rapid development by using Tcl, a high-level scripting language
  • flexibility of using low level C or high-level Tcl
  • available as open source software
  • modularized component architecture of supporting infrastructure services for building applications
  • enable simple solutions to common problems, especially for difficult problems


I think AOLServer should be a high-speed ADP processing engine. There's already a swiss-army knife webserver, it's called Apache. There are static webservers that are faster than AOLServer and Apache (think thttpd). There are even other high-performance general purpose webservers, like Zeus. AOLServer is particularly good at generating dynamic pages fast. I would move more towards making AOLServer a dynamic component in web environments - like as a FastCGI server, and/or as a set of Tcl helpers and executables and such that could be tied in to mod_dtcl on Apache, or other ways of being integrated into other enterprise web environments. - Brady

Dossy 27aug2004: This page should probably be titled "Project Charter" and contain a mission statement, a vision statement, goals, etc.