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Hi. Welcome to the AOLserver Wiki. This is a website geared towards the collaborative building of a resource for AOLserver.

Once registered for a free account, Anyone can edit anything, using these simple Formatting Rules. Therefore, please be conscientious and do not disturb what someone else has contributed, and take time and care to proofread what you're contributing as others will see it immediately. The wiki requires registration now since there was too much vandalism from spammers. That may change once we can add a CAPTCHA to the editing page.

If you leave a comment, please sign it (just your initials are sufficient) and maybe even date it (so that others can tell how old your comment is). A shortcut to sign your content is to enter 4 tildes (~) in a row. It's always awkward responding to a phantom commenteer, and usually frustrating to respond to something which turns out to be over a year old. *smile*

Also, if you are creating a personal page (i.e., like the following page: Dossy Shiobara) please use your full real name. If you want to sign comments with your initials as a wiki page, place in that page a pointer to your page consisting of your full name.

If there are any problems, report them to me directly (I'm Dossy). I'll try and fix problems and resolve issues as soon as I can, but I won't make any promises.

I hope this wiki makes a significant contribution to the AOLserver community, and that everyone finds it useful in some way. Most of all, I hope people will enjoy interacting with one another in this new medium and find enough commonality between one another that a truly wonderful collaborative product can be born here.

-- Dossy