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You might also want to post your wishes to the AOLserver projects Feature Request[1] page at Source Forge.

Dossy, 2000-08-14: Let this page serve as a place for people to list features and enhancements they would like to see for AOLserver.

2005-04-12: Idea for a simple aolserver installation maker - SAIM Proposal

2004-09-17: Please add an option to ns_quotehtml to write javascript (ECMAscript) output. Currently I use:

   proc ns_quotejs {value} {
       for {set i 0} {$i < 256} {incr i} {
           if {$i < 32 || $i > 126 || $i == 34 || $i == 39} {
               set jsmap([format {%c} $i]) "\\x[format {%02x} $i]"
       set NS_QUOTEJS [array get jsmap]
       return [string map $NS_QUOTEJS $value]

Which takes about 20 times as long as ns_quotehtml. Perhaps the map from ns_urlencode could be reused.

2003-06-02: Looking forward to full HTTP/1.1 compliance.

2003-06-02: Ultimatley it would be nice to factor out AOLserver functionality into standard Tcl packages which could then be scripted together to make the AOLserver. Historicaly AOLserver functionality has found its way back into the Tcl core (all be it sporadically), and there is also now a fairly full feature Tcl Threads package.

Low hanging fruit to get this started might be a Log module, the Ns_Set data structure.

2003-06-02: The ns_db interface is showing it's age. It's high performance and built in pooling was great back in the day, but the ACS db_* interface is far superior, and if implemented natively could skip the costly ns_set structure.

Might also be nice to link directly to the UnixODBC (see also: nsodbc) package as a back end to piggy back on all the work other people are doing on those drivers.

Jerry, 2001-01-15: I'd like to see the startup tcls moved into a database, and I'd like to see a system that let one update those initial parameters at run time and have them take effect as soon as possible. (maxthreads, maxpost, maxidle, db pools, nsvhr hosts, nsvhr mapping, etc.)

Ian, 2001-06-21: An easy way (perhaps with a new flavor of filter) to easily prepend and append output with header and footer html.

And a new bike.

I'd like to see a webtrends-style reporting tool to quickly make pretty graphs and charts, thus keeping management gurgling happily in their offices.

It's not quite Webtrends, but you can't beat it for the price (free!): webalizer. And, it works with AOLserver's logfiles! Check it out: -- Dossy

James Newton, 2001-10-25: I'd like to see an HTML editor / publisher like AOLPress tightly integrated to AOLServer so that all the features of server could be easily incorporated in to the pages.

It sure would be nice to have the capacity to control how nslog writes access.log... I would like to add in the optional virtualserver info at the beginning of the line so that I can easily parse that information out when using my log graph generator (webalizer, such a fun toy)...


Kartic, 2003-03-17: How about a web-based configuration tool? Xitami Web server (not as widely used as Apache or AOLserver, free) has one such interface, built-in as a server extension and it is really cool. Such a facility in AOLserver will make life easier for newbies.

Standard authorization, authentication, identity, session, and cookie library and model, or at least a bare pluggable framework for authorization, or at the very least a real best practices framework using pre_auth filters or similar.

phpinfo() style auto-formatted html output function (see to display aolserver information. raw start at [2] --Caveman 09:07, 8 December 2005 (EST)