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Dossy, 2000-08-14: One of my big things is that webserver software is no longer a product in and of itself, it is now a commodity. Any system that's web-enabled needs a webserver, but at the midrange or lower (which is, IMHO, where most applications are), all webservers perform adequately and similar in performance with one another. The choice of webserver has become fairly moot.

The focus now is on applications, and what applications are readily available for the specific platform and environment that has been chosen. Even more, the platform and environment is sometimes even dictated based on requirements and what applications are available to meet those requirements. This is where I think serious energies need to be directed in order to make AOLserver fill that void.

Lets try and create a list of different categories of web applications and specific applications that we think people will look at and seriously consider as a good reason to adopt AOLserver.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Online self-help/knowledgebase


  • Online storefront
  • Cybercash API


  • Web-based email
  • Web-based netnews

Personal Information Management

  • Web-based calendar and scheduling

Intranet applications

  • Web-based calendar and scheduling
  • collaborative to-do list.
  • project management
  • a wiki
  • etc..

ASP based applications edited by YekSoon

  • any form of enterprise applications, for example CRM, DMS, etc.

Programming Methodologies

  • Something in the AJAX type of methodology -- --Caveman 13:05, 6 December 2005 (EST)

[ Please, help add to this list if you can think of anything. -D ]