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True Stuff(Edit)

Army Stuff(Edit)

Infantry Stuff(Edit)

  • Guard Duty - The Most-Used, Least-Trained Skill in the Army
  • EIB Station C1 (Shift from Known Point Practice) - This is one of the more technical stations, so it lends itself to some practice. The same skill is used in both Shift from Known Point and Call for Fire
  • M249 (SAW) Tool Use - Because almost no one uses it to its fullest, this is an excerpt from the manual
  • M4 Qualification Smartstrip - The order of the targets (and their ranges) is a published, fixed standard. If you don't use the info, you're not using all means rightfully available to you. This can definitely help those who are struggling on the range.
    • Particularly surprising engagements are marked with arrows
    • Exactly wide enough that you can laminate them with packing tape when you don't have lamination paper handy
    • 3 to a sheet - why waste paper?
    • Created with LaTeX (source available)
    • Caveat: The "left"/"right" clues change depending on your Fort's range

Bookish Stuff(Edit)

  • GT Improvement - GT scores should be over 110 to get the most out of opportunities in the Army. This is my sketch of the methods to get there
  • CIF for PCS - How to figure out which items will go with you

Big-Picture Stuff(Edit)

Radio Stuff(Edit)

Backpack Kit(Edit)

My (initial) goal is to make all parts of a backpack kit that will fit in a 7.62mm ammo can sized box, transmit CW on 40m. I plan to build, roughly in this order:

  • Transciever - SW-40+
  • Morse Key - Starting with a junky straight key. Anything to get on the air
  • Iambic Bug - Still looking for that perfect design
  • Antennas - Constrained by neighborhood rules, mostly
  • Power - Generated or battery

My goals for later on(Edit)

Big Amp - (QRP is cooler, but booming is kind of neat in a different way)

Antenna Tuner - Will just cut to freq for the first revision, but later on I'll want to make a few tuners


Interior Crocodile Oscillator - Awesome idea to teach/learn radio design using homemade CRT oscilloscopes.

Yaesu FT-840(Edit)

Electronics Stuff(Edit)

Falstad's Excellent Circuit Simulator - Lots of example circuits, good animation/interactivity

Handy Electronics Youtube Videos

Reading Fuses

Annotated Schematics

Dorkbot PDX - Has potential

Brainwagon (K6HX) - Always doing something cool

A few Java Applets on Physics - Under "Electrodynamics"

Software Stuff(Edit) - I made this a long time ago, but it's a darned handy set of scripts. In fact, I am annoyed whenever I'm at a machine that doesn't have clipedit and friends.

Here's how to get it:

  • Set up the cpan CLI
  • Run:
  • Then type:
    install Clipboard
  • Then check out the goods:
    • clipedit - Quick way to edit the contents of the clipboard
    • clipaccumulate - Loops and keeps track of everything you copy, adding them together at the end
    • clipfilter - Apply a textual transformation to the clipboard contents (for example, URI escape with -uri)
    • clipjoin - Clean up spurious whitespace
    • clipbrowse - Send to your web browser (opening in a new tab, usually)
    • And, of course, The Module API, which is just:
      use Clipboard;
      print Clipboard->paste;

Blender Stuff(Edit)

Unix Stuff(Edit)

Language Stuff(Edit)


Stuffy Stuff(Edit)

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