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Man page: http://aolserver.com/docs/tcl/ns_adp_argv.html


ns_adp_argv - Return the list of arguments to the current ADP or a specified argument by index.


ns_adp_argv ?index? ?default?


This command returns a list of arguments to the current ADP, including the name of the ADP itself as the first element. If index is specified, only that element from the list is returned. If the optional default argument is specified along with an index argument, it serves as the value to return if the corresponding parameter was not passed to the call frame.


   # In a.adp:
   <% ns_adp_include b.adp example a b c %>
   # In b.adp:
     ns_adp_argv       ;# => b.adp example a b c
     ns_adp_argv 0     ;# => b.adp
     ns_adp_argv 4     ;# => c
     ns_adp_argv 5 d   ;# => d


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