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Man page: http://aolserver.com/docs/tcl/ns_adp_bind_args.html


ns_adp_bind_args - Bind ADP arguments to variables


ns_adp_bind_args varName ?varName ...?


This command assigns the ADP arguments from the current ADP frame to variables specified in one or more varName parameters. There must be an equal number of varName arguments as there are ADP arguments, otherwise an error will be thrown.
Note that the first varName is not assigned the name of the ADP. In other words, varName starts from index 1 in the ns_adp_argv list.


   # In a.adp:
   <% ns_adp_include b.adp 1 2 3 %>
   # In b.adp:
     ns_adp_bind_args x y z
     list $x $y $z     ;# => {1 2 3}


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