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Man page: http://aolserver.com/docs/tcl/ns_adp_stream.html


ns_adp_stream - Begin streaming of ADP output




This command turns on "streaming mode" of ADP output, where output is immediately sent instead of queued up in an output buffer. All data in the current ADP output buffer is flushed and written to the client and any subsequent data will be immediately written as well.
In AOLserver 4.5, this is equivalent to an ns_adp_flush followed by an ns_adp_ctl bufsize 0.
Streaming does not work well through proxies. The user may be forced to wait on a blank screen until your script finishes its work and closes the connection. Therefore, streaming is likely to yield a very poor user interface experience and should be avoided except when actually necessary. - THIS IS SOMEWHAT DATED ADVICE


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